Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday - Again !

I can't believe it is Thursday again. I have to pick my NRL teams and it seems I have only just done that. I am ahead in our competition-Art and me that's all.
Abby and others have tried to leave a comment but can't. I am not sure why unless you have to subscribe or I might have the wrong settings. I can leave a comment, strange as that sounds! I will check it out.
We had another visit to the dentist today, Art only not me. So this is why I am smiling...
I have done nothing artistic in the last week or so and am getting pretty fed up with that.
I have to get the Gazette ready for publishing sometime next week. Made a couple of mistakes in the June issue so will need to concentrate on this one. The Gazette is the Porcelain Art Magazine for NSW and I am the Editor so if you have any news about porcelain art please feel free to comment on it and I could use it in the magazine. I am always looking for things to write.
That is if you can leave a comment!
My excuse for being so slack is, that I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and until I visit the Diabetic Educator I am constantly thinking about it. All will become clear on August 2nd.

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Abby said...

Jane, What does that mean? Why didn't you tell me? Are you ok?