Monday, October 18, 2010

Still Monday:)

What I would like to add is that whoever knitted this jumper in the first place was one lovely knitter an I felt sad having to undo it. It looked like it hadn't even been worn and I got it for $8.00. Shame.

Monday Avo:)

Well I would like to say that I have been very busy in the craft room but that would be fibbing! Now that my head has reduced in size, since the Springwood Exhibition, I have done very little creatively. My Encore group wish to unravel a pullover and re-knit it in a 1940's style -to show what people did during the second World War. So I bought a jumper at the Salvation Army store and unravelled it. I will post photos. My part is over it is up to Mary to do the re-knit. Good on Mary she knits beautifully.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010


What has happened to the weather? It is freezing-so much for spring-but then they reckon it will be 28 degrees on Wednesday and that is too hot too soon. Too hot for me at any time.
Well our Springwood Exhibition is over as of tomorrow. Can't work out why we wouldn't have kept it going until Monday as that is a public holiday. Never mind I have to go pick up my exhibits tomorrow.
Today I have taken the Gazette to the printer but they are flat chat and it won't be ready until tomorrow.
I will post some photos from the exhibition:

This lovely piece won the Joan Booth Award and was painted by my teacher Fay Green.
 The black and white pieces were painted by Phyllis Eastaway, a student of Fay's.

 Di Woolley I think.
 Colleen Hudson.
Beautiful pieces completely made and painted by Joan Lamb.
 Di Wooley again I love these.

Fay Green