Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holiday Time:)

Well here we are on holidays already. I think it is funny that we are all way past 70 years old and we still have school holidays-just like the kids.
However it does give us time to clean brushes and sort out what we would like to paint next term-so it is all good.
Very thrilled by all the awards at the Castle Hill Show-and surprised.
Today I have been sewing for a change. We (Encore) are making 1850's gear for children at St Marys Public School-I have probably said this before-but today I stitched some pantaloons and a petticoat-tomorrow I might get up the courage to cut the dress out.
The big news is I have received my e craft machine! Stuart and Abby & Pete have given this to me which is so much appreciated. I  have had a little play with it but am by no means happy with all that I have done.
This is my E Craft and some early cuts.
And the Mickey and Minnie table and chairs I have repainted for the third and last time-I have given them to the local Pre School-clever eh? They are about 23 years old as my daughter bought them for her eldest daughter in Japan I think.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April doings!

Well didn't we all do well at the Castle Hill Show! Fay should be very pleased with her students. Lots of firsts a couple of seconds and Champion and Grand Champion too. Well done all. I love the work that Yuri does and will upload my very favourite for you to share. I am so relieved that my gorgeous granddaughter Samantha has reached Queensland safely. Such a long way. Good on you Sam.
These are my ribbons and the lovely blue vase is Yuri's I love it.

This tiger was painted by Phyllis but not in time for the Show-I just think he is lovely.