Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27-can you believe it?

I cannot believe that it was the 3rd of February when I last blogged. Since then the Queensland disaster (and the Victorian floods too) are history and now poor Christchurch is getting its turn-terrible earthquakes and so many lives lost.
I remember when I was a little girl in Scotland the teacher told us that there were earthquakes in New Zealand and I decided I would never want to live there, so when Dad said we were moving to a country far away, I was relieved when he said it was Australia.
Funny the things we remember clearly from our childhoods.
But we have been to new Zealand and it is a beautiful place and I hope they can get over this tragedy.
I am reading a book at present about the Clydebank Blitz River of Fire by John McLeod and that is probably part of the reason for my Blog absence-I am hopeless when reading-that is all I do. It is raining today so i am going to make some cards-people seem to like them which gives me an excuse to make more!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

After Cyclone Yasi Day!

What have the poor people of Queensland done to deserve all this terrible weather? I hope this is the end of it.
I think if we had an Australian Population of the year award on Australia Day, the QLD guys would have won it. And a huge thank you to those people doing the interpretation of speeches into sign language-I spent all my time watching them while listening to Premier Bligh.
Cannot stand this awful heat, as I walk around like some mindless idiot and achieve nothing.
Roll on Monday 25degrees:)