Friday, September 20, 2019

20th September 2019!

If I thought my last entry was a long time coming what about this. Four years since!!!
Such a lot has happened my beautiful Fay has joined her Rick in heaven so I no longer do my porcelain art. I had trouble with my hands so my cards are my only hobby now and I am loving it. Have met some lovely ladies on Facebook and in real life. My craft room has taken on a new look. I gave Pamela my sewing machines to make more room for crafting and that works so well. Barbara Williams is my Stampin’ Up supplier and her lovely daughter Teneale is a great demonstrator. So every fourth Saturday I join them to learn new techniques. Here are some of my latest cards.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I cannot believe how lon g it has been since I have posted in here. It is May 28, 2017 today!
Such a lot has happened. Art and I are now great grandparent in our own right. Kate has had a baby girl, Jonie and Samantha has had a baby girl who is called Evie.
I had a problem February 2016 called Broken Heart Syndrome and had a stay in Blacktown Hospital.
I am still going to Fay for Porcelain Art. And will post the latest.
Still going to Encore though not sure for how much longer.
And the biggest news of all-I am an Octogenarian now. How funny.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


My 'One Fine Day' Tile for next year's exhibition at The Hub Bungarribee.

A small box that was going to be part of my One Fine Day theme but I gave it to a friend instead because now my theme is butterflies-of course.

I haven't been updating this blog for ages and ages but here are a couple of the things I have been doing lately. We have finally put Sir where he belongs.
These are some cards I made for a lady at Fairfield Markets but i don't think this is why I am making cards.

                                                                      Sir's Installation

Finally installed Sir Maurice O'Connell at Frogmore his home in Australia once upon a time.
 What a great job the Encore Group have done on his outfit.

We are now trying to get our act together to make a mourning dress.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

These are my latest attempts. I am waiting for Blue Edge Crafts to get some more Magnetic folders so that I can store my dies properly. I will then be able to sort out the craft room more effectively. It is working better than it was but there is still room for improvement.
Here is another photo-Pam gave me an easel for Christmas so maybe I will finish that girl.....

Here's hoping!

Update-about time...

I cannot believe it has been so long since I made an entry in here. Goodness!
Well in the last 6 months-excuse me 8 months- a lot has happened.

I have finished a few of my porcelain pieces for the year and will post photos.

Have been making cards for Mt Druitt Hospital Volunteer Shop and have also made some Mothers' Day cards for the Diggers. I will post some photos of my cards.

I have decided not to be Editor of the Gazette anymore and have handed it over to Margaret Dunn who has made a great first edition.

Now towards the end of November last I had an exacerbation of my MS-the first in over 20 years but it lasted for weeks.
As a result we haven't been to see Bob for ages and going to the shops has become an outing for me.
Not impressed with all that.

 On the up side Arthur has been looking after me so well. He has not only been the cook but has done the shopping the washing the vacuuming you name it he has been doing it.
He is just wonderful. He has a bad back too.
Anyway I have an appointment with the neurologist on the 5th may so we will see if he has any suggestions or just tells me to wait another 20 years.
As it is still a production when I go out I will not be going back to Porcelain Art or Encore until i feel that I can handle that and the next day too. At present if I, for instance I go to the hairdressers, next day I am a right off.
Our granddaughter Rachel has moved to the UK to live and is having a ball-Our granddaughter Tayla has left school now and is attending TAFE. Our granddaughter Samantha has found her true love as has our granddaughter Emma(I think) Anyway the rest of the family seem to be doing well.

Now for some photos.

So that is a small sample of my past year-since June. Have had a lot of fun and I will post the cards I made yesterday then I shall head to the craft room and make some more.