Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunny Sunday!

It really will soon be Christmas.
I was all excited yesterday because I thought there was a Papercraft show on at Penrith. Fortunately Angela Sargeant who is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator saw my excitement on Facebook and contacted me. Angela will have a stand at the next show which is in November. I gave her a heart starter:)
My daughter and her husband are shouting Arthur and me a holiday to Perth in September. How good is that? We are so lucky, we have great kids-all of them.
Our other recent present was from Stuart. He purchased a new TV for us, so there is all this learning involved. We can download shows onto a USB but I am having trouble with that so I will stick to my VCR until 'fully trained'. Having said that, my VCR has broken down, probably from overuse-so I will transfer Art's from the back room. We are drowning in TVs.
I managed to put out the Gazette for August but with some mistakes-oh dear. I have said we are charging $20.00 for a demonstration when it is only $5.00-and no form needed. Where was my head?
The Encore Group have nearly completed the ADI Uniform. All that is left to do is the cabinet and a decision as to where she will be located. She is looking very good-too good to be making ammunition!
Visited my brother Bob yesterday and he definitely knew it was me. The nurse asked him 'Who is this Bob?' and he replied straight away'This is my sister'. But he is not well at all. They said he was moved to this ward because he can't walk and he had a temperature and they have to feed him. It is just not fair. This getting old is cruel.

This is the bra which Barbara Porter has made in the 1940's style for our Val.They are all so talented these ladies.

Here is our Val, see what I mean about looking too good for a munitions factory:)