Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year!

Gosh I cannot believe that it was October when I last updated my blog. But I guess this blog doesn't lie eh?
Well Christmas has come and gone and this year we had our family day on the 9th December which threw me into some confusion. Ont he 10th I went to the shop and couldn't understand why all these people were still doing their Christmas shopping. Very strange. Lovely Christmas gatherings with friends from China painting and Encore ended the year on a high. I won a lucky door prize at the St Mary's Historical Society's Christmas party and felt like a thief. I did donate a small plate as a prize but maybe I should have asked them to redraw my prize-hence the guilt.
Haven't been to visit Robert for a couple of weeks as it has been so hot I haven't ventured out of the house often. Art drives me to the shops then I call him when I have finished shopping so that he can pick me up. That way the car doesn't sit in the sun. The temperature has been around the mid 30's now for too long and even reached 42C one of the days. Our electricity has gone up to $112 a fortnight...
My friend Stella has had another fall over the Christmas break and has been in hospital and again I should have gone to visit her but the weather needs to cool down before I can. I am such a wimp. Unfortunately my MS makes me feel the heat even more than I normally would have.

So, because of the heat , I have been drawing my way through a book called 'One Zentangle a Day' and I am up to day 22 I think and I have drawn 18 zentangles and practicing how to make Dorset buttons. I have to go answer some messages now and next week it is first Gazette of the year week so wish me luck with that :)