Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday March 31st 2014

Well that's the Castle Hill Show over for another year!!!
 My Mucha lady got me a Highly Commended, my green lustre vase got a Second and my lovely jug got a First. So not unhappy with that.
The good thing about entering all these shows is that you get feedback from a variety of judges so after a while you think 'Can't be too bad!'
Might have done the right thing hanging on to that jug for 15 years before I painted it!
My NY Resolution might be to pop in every now and then and blog!
So until tomorrow...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nearly forgot-I have completed another Mucha lady-I love these girls.

Now I am off to lunch...

Happy Birthday to me!

It is a Happy Birthday to me today-77 -I cannot believe it!
Well I have finally got my computer back and now all I have to do is learn how to operate Windows 8.1!
I felt a bit strange not having the computer even though I could see e-mails and Facebook on my phone. Not quite the same.
I have been making some cards and have finished a couple of my porcelain pieces. I shall upload the photos always supposing I can work out how to do that. I made my first box card and I have made a couple of cards with moving parts.
I have done my first porcelain piece using sneaky pen work-that was fun. It is still not finished as there is a lot of work to do yet.
So here are the photos!

I love my poppy vase finished too late to enter it in the Castle hill Show but there is always Penrith. I used wet grounding for the black in this vase and that was a first and so less messy than dry grounding. Then I used Dresden Base for Raised Gold to make the poppies rise out from the vase- then I painted them all this with a firing between each function.
These are the final photos.

Off for a birthday lunch with my Arthur now :)