Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17-soon be Christmas!

I cannot believe how quickly the year is going -heaven help me next year! Am in a scramble to keep up to date with shopping and washing and ironing as we are off on holidays soon. Can't wait. So looking forward to it. Have been very slack with my cards lately and not a lot of China painting either. try to fit at least one visit to my brother every week but can't do that successfully either. Saw him on Saturday but he was fast asleep -opened his eyes once then went back to sleep. Next time I will manage to see him will be his 82nd birthday on September 30th. A lovely artist called Ingrid Lee commented on my Rainy Monday blog. Thank you Ingrid for the lovely remarks I will reply to you on facebook.
 This is my iris finished, Ingrid.
 My Clarice Cliff attempt.
 Some of my cards:-

 This beautiful crosstitch was done by a friends' husband, David Marshall, who is no longer with us and she gave it to me. I am so thrilled with this gift.
 Another attempt at Clarice.
 More cards.

This last card is very special-my youngest grandson (7) made this for his mum when he had a sleepover.  All his own idea and all cut stamped and stuck by him.
Notice the bling -his eyes lit up when he spotted these  trinkets:)