Friday, July 16, 2010

Small Dolls!

Golly! I have been fiddling around for ages editing this and deleting that! I finally managed to upload some of my small dolls. In the process I have lost my first two pages but that's OK.
Encore was interesting, Chris is making a fine job of Sir Maurice O'Connell's jacket, she is almost a tailoress. We have been working on this uniform for quite a while now but as you can imagine men's gear is not as interesting as a ladies' 1850's frock.
The reason I am saying frock is because the Powerhouse Museum has opened an Australian Dress Register and at one of their meetings there was some discussion about the meaning of dress as opposed to the meaning of frock. So the mens' outfits are dress I guess, that rhymes.
This Register is an interesting undertaking as they(the P'House) are asking people to register any garments they might have prior to 1945. Explaining the provenance of same and the condition etc and shoould the P'house have a need to show a garment that you have they will be able to contact you.
Unfortunately as I explained in an earlier blog, I came from Scotland to Australia in 1948 and anything we might have had prior to 1945 was lost forever.
I am sure though that some Australians have wonderful treasures from 'way back if you have take a look at the Register.
Time to go and read another chapter before dinner, I am reading Lying Dead by Ailine Templeton at present.

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