Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you Jean for your advice, as I said this is all very new to me so that was most helpful. We are waiting for Greg and Fran to visit today so am looking forward to that. Greg is my eldest son and he is reading up on a problem i have with the computer so that he can put it straight when he gets here. it is so good to have clever kids isn't it.
I swear children these days are born knowing what to do with the computer.
Our grandson Aiden when only just four corrected me when I told him to use the mouse to play a game and he told me:'No, Nanna you use the arrows!' so there.
I also thought it was funny when recently in the car I was telling Stuart(his Dad and my youngest son) about a friend of mine called Dot Ferrie and Stu said dot com and Aiden said dot au!

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