Monday, July 26, 2010


What is it with the rain again? Enough already.
Well on Saturday I went to Jolly July Day at Hornsby which is held every year, by and for all the NSW porcelain artist ladies. What a great day it is too. There were three demonstrations of different porcelain techniques. Jan Finch showed us how to paint portraits, Alexandra Weber showed us how to do fine penning work and Robyn Langford-Brown showed us how to paint birds. And boy doesn't Robyn know a lot about birds-she said she was a twitcher and I am sure she is. The girls put on the best home cooked spread of goodies you have ever seen and all this for $25. Only problem was poor Art had to miss his golf because I took the car:)
Now that it is Monday-got over Saturday by doing very little yesterday-have done the washing and nearly got it all dry before the rain and have my head in yet another book-Skin and blister by Victoria Blake. But tomorrow I intend to get into the Craft Room and play around with some cards.

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