Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fereling very pure after a visit to the dentist. Why is that? I think I get a guilty complex if I haven't been for a while and I decided last year I was only having my teeth cleaned once a year because I think they are rubbing away the porcelain. Do you like that excuse?
Thought I would add a few of the dolls I have made. I made dolls for my daughter my step daughters my 8 grandaughters and my daughters in law-making a total of 15 altogether. That was quite a lot of dolls and they got a doll whether they wanted one or not. I am that kind of gal.
So now I am left with the remainder of the dolls I made. As a little girl I had a French doll which was too large for me to play with and I just kissed her each night before bed. But then the war came and our house was flattened by bombs and my doll and any other dolls I might have had were no more.
My parents split up soon after all that and I never ever got another doll but have always loved them. I do understand that girls don't seem to like dolls as I do but that is OK with me.
My Dad had made me a glorious doll's house and after the Blitz, people used to sympathise with my Mum at having lost her house and I would pipe up and say I lost my house too!
As a result of that I made my poor husband make doll's houses for our granddaughters too. The things we girls make these poor men do. Arthur,that is my beloved, suggested that my daughter's girls share the one house but I told him 'No' that would not work so he had to make three houses for her girls.

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Abby said...

I love this story. Jane I love my doll and Tayla loves her dolls house. Out of all the toys she has she wants to save the doll house for her daughters... xxx