Saturday, July 31, 2010


Another week gone. Attended Encore yesterday and Gaye is a delight, she has taken the red dress to finish the hand sewing. I really don't like working with red. I made my daughter a red dress years ago as my mother told me I should. After the first wash I was ironing it and it was leaping up and down-visually that is- and I ripped it to shreds and threw it away. Pam had to wait until she grew up to by red dresses. I think the problem I have with red is that I have 'migrainous eyes' a doctor told me.I think we need to start work on some other periods at Encore I would like to see us make the New Look from Dior 1947. Arthur is going to re bind an old bible with a piece of lovely leather that we have been hanging on to for years. The story of the bible is funny. It belonged to a Catholic friend of my brother's away back in 1948. For some reason it was left with us and I didn't have a bible so I just kept it I think his name was David Price. I will get Bob(my brother) to check that name.

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