Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovely Sunday:)

The year is flying as usual -I guess I am not the only one to notice that.
Had a lovely catch up with my daughter Pam yesterday and my eldest son Greg and his wife Fran called in after attending a Greek wedding close-by. So it was like old home week but of course I didn't get anything done-just enjoyed myself.
Barbara had called over the night before to give me the new pattern for Skye's dress and so far all I have done is undone the sleeve seam as I will be adding a triangle to make this fit.
Pam is a love because she sorted out some problems I had with the Gazette programme so I will be able to complete that and get it printed early in the week.
I can't believe that Andy and Maree and Abby and Pete are back from their Pacific Jewel Cruise already.
Art and I have done some work outside this morning, wiped down all the cobwebs and was very careful, as I got a piece of cobweb in my eye years back doing this. We have staked the peas they are growing at the rate of naughts.

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