Sunday, May 29, 2011

The cape!

Clever Carol bought a couple of cheap blankets so that we could make capes for the school girls as the weather looks like being cold on the 11th June, when they will be dressing up for the school's 150th anniversary.
I heard a programme on the radio the other day that Italy is celebrating 150 years of being united-I think. Seems strange for a country which is so old. they also said that at the top of Italy the natives speak German-how funny is that? There is so much I do not know-could fill libraries.
The St Mary's Historical Society are putting on a display of wedding dresses so I will add a small collection of photographs.There are a couple of shots of the kids too.

Everyone has been asked to bring in wedding photographs too so I must sort through as I have one from the 1940's and one from the 1950's as well as the 80's.
'Till next time

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