Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy 83rd Birthday Bob

I can't quite believe my big brother is 83 today! Had a lovely visit with him and his younger son Robert. Robert visits him very week and Reece and his girl friend called in yesterday so that is really nice.

As for me -well it is hot here today-way too hot for Spring.

I have been trying to buy a

top to go with my lovely black skirt to wear to Kate and Tim's wedding but so far no luck. I have until the 17th October but that is cutting it a little fine.The wedding is on the 19th...

I has been The Gazette week too so not happy Jane just about says it all. I think I have finished it but the minutes seem to have gone awry so I will make the next cool day my deadline.

I have never been a procrastinator but the older I get the more I become one!
I will upload some of my latest porcelain work. No china painting until the 22nd October but looking forward to going in for a look at the APAT Objet'D'Art Exhibition at the Grace Hotel on the 10th October.

Penned Mucha lady

This vase is a work in progress -lots of lustre

That vase again with resist that can be fired :) 

My fan plate I love this one

My Mucha lady finished Not a very good photo!

This is my latest toy for my cards-it is an envelope maker-so simple!

That will be me for today I hope to keep making entries more regularly once I get my computer upgraded.

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