Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3

As promised I am trying to be more consistent with my posts. Not that I have anything very exciting to tell.
We are having the strangest weather at present -it just poured a minute ago now the sun is out. We could do with more rain -as always.
Not that I have read any of his books but I was very surprised to hear of Tom Clancy's death this morning. I wonder how many others like me only know about the films made of his books-Hunt for Red October etc.Too young to lose such a talent.
I have tried playing around with other people's blogs today so if you read this Paula you will know I have added you my list.
I love Gina K Design's videos and have added Gina's blog to my list too. I don't know enough about links and what to do with them or how to use them. One Day. I am even going to have a go at a couple of challenges-wish me luck-they have to be uploaded by Sunday and today is Thursday.
So it might be off to the craft room ASAP. Speaking of the craft room-I am gradually organising things-I upended my ribbon drawer,which was an absolute nightmare,and only kept ribbons and lace that I would use for my cards in there. All the other I have piled into another drawer-LOL-I will worry about that later-much.
It will be hard to believe -for my family-that I need to purchase another three drawers!!!
A beautiful butterfly at our lemon blossom

Another view

My daughter has zentangled this beautiful M for me-my first name is Matilda

One of my recent birthday card efforts

For my big brother Bob

Portulaca at it's best!

Stuart,my youngest son, gave me this after a day in the mountains. I keep thinking I have killed it and then it comes good again.

That is enough for today it is off to the craft room. :)

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