Monday, December 19, 2011

Not long now:):):)

Christmas is coming with a ruddy blush methinks. Love your latest Angela and you do become more observant as you get into that right brain don't you. I will upload a couple of things I have been doing. I haven't been doing much as my sister in law is in a nursing home as is her husband and I have been trying to visit as often as possible. My brother doesn't recognise me anymore and that is so sad'cause he was the best brother a girl could have had. Anyway I have to make some rum balls and shortbread and some mince tarts and I am going to have a go at making Jamie Oliver's chicken liver pate- Wish me luck:) Now for some photos:-

The dictionary was my husband's handy work not mine. Isn't it great? He does crosswords and the poor dictionary suffered from all that thumbing through it got... I am not sure if I have uploaded some of these snaps     already but allow me some leeway as I really have been busy:)

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