Friday, December 30, 2011

Nearly back to normal...

The older I get the longer it takes to clear up after Boxing Day-usually-but this year we seem to have been much quicker than last year for instance. And i will make that pate again-it was yummo. Only next time I will only use 500gms chicken livers-a kilo was just too much. I will have to throw some away-such a shame . I wish the kids had taken some with them-along with some cheesecake and black forest cake and a whole load of things that we could never have finished eating. It was a very enjoyable day even though some of the grandchildren were missing-now that they are grown up they have to work on Boxing Day. Be mad if they didn't as the pay is always good on Boxing Day.

A selection of photos from the day. Note my jazzy shoes-I just love them. Missing on the day were-Rachel, Kate, Ben, Georgia, Daniel, Jaye, Brad, Tyler, Riley, Koby and Emma. So you can see we were quite a small group this year. And of course Bob and Elaine were absent too.

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