Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday-and no china painting!

This is usually the day I go to porcelain art but we stop for all the school holidays. Which seems a bit odd when we all such old ladies. Not that I think I am old-it is but a fact! I am still 40 inside my head-a shame about the body. Enough of this twaddle.
 Every holiday I decide that I will get on and paint here at home -I do have two kilns after all-but I find I clean my brushes and re-arrange my stuff and that is about it. maybe I need to make a New Year's resolution?
Getting back to the old lady thing-some of the ladies in my group are in their 80's and what we want to know is: How do we encourage younger people to get involved?
Some of the artists in the APAT group are exceptional artists. Their work is modern. I think some people see porcelain art as painted roses but beautiful though they are, roses are not the be all and end all of porcelain art.

These are a few of my attempts. Sorry the photos aren't the best but I didn't have a blog when I snapped these.
Time for a cuppa. Bye.

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