Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ad Sense!

I hope I understand this Ad Sense thing. If not I shall remove it.
Hot in Sydney today and more rain expected but I have done some washing anyway-chances are it will dry. I have been very slack lately, my right leg is killing me and that is my excuse for doing absolutely nothing but the required housework. I am afraid I was programmed early to do all the work before you have fun. I wish I had learned otherwise as sometimes there is not enough energy left for the fun bit. I do waffle on!
What I should be doing is thinking about content for the February Gazette. I am the editor of the NSW PAA Magazine-The Gazette. PAA stands for Porcelain Artists Association. Maybe I should look around some blogs to see if anyone can inspire me. Maybe later Art just rang from golf so he will be home in half an hour for his bacon and egg sanny,

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