Monday, January 24, 2011


Monday off to a good start but that damn Gazette... When people send me items to go into the gazette i wish they would send a simple word document not live e-mails. GRRRR!
Enough of that I am simply going to print the thing then number the pages myself, so there. Like it or lump it.
I feel better now.
Maybe time to head for the Craft Room AND TIDY IT UP. Does that sound like procrastinating??? Me thinks SO.
I have to do it I can hardly move in there so something has got to go.

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Lynforde said...

Well it can't be as bad as a show I watched in TV last night called "Hoarders". Those poor people living in filth. It is so sad. So Jane, I'm sure you can find a little space in your Craft Room to move around. LOL