Monday, July 2, 2012


I really can't get moving today.
Have done the washing and sorted things for a porcelain art workshop next Saturday but very little else.
Del rang today too so that was 80 minutes out of my day. Love her calls but they do take time.
I visited Elaine yesterday and Baron and Lisa were there. Elaine is not looking good, poor love.
My granddaughter Sam took me out to lunch on Saturday, which was very nice and she has taken away the first 26 pages of my life story.
I feel now as I need to get back to it and maybe type something every day.
I might start that -next week.
Am I procrastinating?
I took a photo of Sam on my phone but I can't upload them to my computer because I don't have the software for this phone. Technology being what it is Baron uploaded it to his phone and then was going to upload it to Facebook so that I can have a hard copy. Brilliant!

The windmill is the third of my Dutch creations for October Exhibition.
I came across the little painting I did of a fuchsia and thought it would make a nice card for Elaine's birthday. The other card was for a friend whose birthday is the same day as Elaine's.
These last three shots are from our visit to madam Tussauds-great fun.

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Jane Holmes said...

I didn't realise I had already posted that little windmill plate:(