Monday, July 23, 2012

Just another rainy Monday!

It is so cold and miserable today I have had to make a couple of cards to keep my spirits up.
Since I last wrote on the blog my lovely sister in law Elaine has died. My son Scott summed her up with"Ever a generous spirit who never had a bad word for anyone" So sad and my poor brother is none the wiser of her passing. I must say though that the last time I visited him in the nursing home a very aggressive Alzheimer patient was shouting at me and accusing me of owning three house and the law would soon throw Robert out. He ranted for a while then Robert turned to him and said 'This is my sister.' At that stage the nurse wheeled Colin away. Then the next time we visited he was in the Hospital with an infection-that was last Thursday so I will visit again on Wednesday-and hope Colin is happy in his room:)

 I don't know how to turn this photo around-sorry.

These are two plates which I painted at a workshop. One fire -although I do want to change the abstract Iris as it looks a bit odd on a round plate. But the extra lines have made it look much better -all I need now is to purchase some fat oil at the Jolly July Day.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Jane, so sorry to hear of your sister in law's passing.

Visiting on the AZ ward is not fun (just got through with it with my 93 yr. old father who had no clue who I was); keep the faith.

Your plates are pretty and I like that iris!
Hugs, Nancy

Charlotte Lee said...

Hi Jane,
I am so sorry to hearing this news. Hope you always keep your spirit up and be positive.
Love, Charlotte

Jane Holmes said...

Thank you Nancy and Charlotte. sorry not to have replied sooner.

Ingrid Lee said...

Sorry about your news.
Your plate designs are great..strong lines. Do you prefer fat oil to clove oil for pen work?