Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quiet Sunday

Well my two younger sons have had birthdays today and yesterday and they are now 52 and 46 and I can't believe it really. They are wonderful sons of whom I am very proud.
I have been trying to get my head around some cards but lost my mojo for a while. Today i have managed to make a couple-one for my sister in law Elaine and one for Stuart's ex mother in law who is a lovely lady too. Both of these lovely people have their birthdays on the 24th June.
I have also been doing a little painting. So will upload a couple of photos.

This is the start of a little Art Deco plate I am working on.

I found this little painting in an old sketch pad I have no idea how long ago I painted this but thought it was suitable for Elaine's card.

This is the one I made for Val-I love this paper.

Art was hit by a golf ball yesterday and here is a picture of the bruise. Some people playing golf today need to take heed of the rules. This guy didn't even call 'fore'!

I thought I should put up a photo of my lovely tulip plate. This was after the third and final fire thought you would like a look Angela
So it is back to the porcelain cupboard...

These others are my Dutch inspired paintings for the October Exhibition.

The little Dutch girls are at the framers now so they won't break...hopefully:)

I love this little one:)

 This is a small box sorry it is on it's side don't know how to fix once it is on her.

The girl with the pearl earring-Vermeer. This one needs more work-same as the oil which I still haven't finished. Oh well one day.


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Happy birthday to your boys! Your poor husband and his bruise (glad it was not his face that was hit).

The Vermeer you are painting is lovely!

Happy Father's Day to Art!


Jane Holmes said...

Thank you Nancy. I hope I feel the same about my girl when I have finished her.