Monday, May 21, 2012


Robert's photo -I forgot...I call him Robert but the rest of the family call him Bob because he has a son called Robert. Names can be annoying can't they. My name is Matilda Jane and until I was seven years old I was called Tilly. My father heard a child calling 'Tully' and he was horrified and said that from that day on I was not to answer to anything but Jane. It was easy for me because I just moved to another school and was known as Jane. The biggest problem was Robert because he kept calling me Til. Till I answered really... He was just the best big brother ever and it is not fair what has happened to him. He was a whiz on the computer and read mountains of books all his life, and absolutely loved music, so the things the experts are telling us help prevent Alzheimer's, don't really help at all. If it is decreed I am afraid there is no escape.
My youngest son Stuart gave me a laptop yesterday so I need to check out how to use it efficiently as I was a bit ham fisted to begin with.
Till next time-and I will try to be here more regularly:)

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