Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Gazette has been posted!!

I cannot believe the trouble I have publishing the Gazette. It is the magazine of the Porcelain Artists Association. I am the Editor. Every time I try to insert a file it simply refuses to be inserted. I am doing something terribly wrong but I have no idea what. The good news is it has been completed and is on its way to be mailed out to members and I can relax -until December that is...
I have been visiting my sister in law and my brother as they are both in hospital. Fortunately in the same hospital, unfortunately they are both quite ill and not in good places. I feel for the 'children'. Not quite children as they are in their late forties early 50's but still Bob and Elaine's children never the less.
As a result of all that I have been somewhat lazy. Have also been on holidays from China painting and am thinking of simplifying the things i take to class because at present I take everything and I feel that that is so unnecessary. Like I said I am thinking-not a lot of action going on.
I have made a couple of cards-Nicolle and Maree have birthdays in the next week. And the biggest news of all Jaye has had a baby boy and he is beautiful. So that was another card. I will post photos of the blue vase and the red vase when I get back to class. Am keeping my fingers crossed that the red vase looks Ok as I had to edge each petal with gold -using a kempler pen I think that is what it is called. I haven't used this before so am not too confident that it has worked out OK.

 I am now having trouble with yet another e-mail so i am away to have a cup of tea:)

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Very sweet cards!

Being the editor is a thankless job, so good for you for doing it.