Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cards and Porcelain vase.

I am really thrilled with how the blue vase has turned out.

At least I will have a couple of things to enter in shows in 2012. Haven't been creating much in the way of cards lately but will post a few. I have been visiting Elaine in hospital and it really saps your energy. I meant to go today but my leg is so sore that I really need to lounge about so that I can go to the hospital tomorrow.
Now for some of those cards. Can anyone tell me how to shrink my photos???

They don't look too bad now I have posted them I was sure I had only managed a couple. I must upload a photo of a beautiful butterfly that was in the garden this morning. Art and I are not sure if it is a butterfly or a moth-because of the way it landed-it looks like a moth. Can anyone tell me?

It actaully looked like it was posing for me:)

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