Thursday, August 11, 2011


Good morning:)  I have been resisting this morning.
 Isn't it funny when you take up a hobby there are all manner of expressions that only people in that hobby group can understand.
When I was making porcelain dolls we were always asking questions like'are my eyelashes uneven or are my eyebrows level and are her eyes looking in the same direction' We thought of putting messages like these on T shirts. Now it is all about resist.
When I first entered Fay Green's porcelain art class they were all resisting and I thought 'That's different and is this the class I really want.'
Now I will post a couple of photos and you will see what I mean.

So you can see that I have resisted all the parts of the vase that don't need paint at this stage. This means that I can sponge on my persimmon red without any trauma. I intend to paint this in persimmon red and gold. Not usually the colours I like but one needs to do this sometimes -out of that comfort zone.
I am also happy with myself this morning because I have already fired two small pieces on which I have used gold underlay on butterflies. Then I need to paint them with gold and fire again. Not very confident about this but I shall persevere.

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