Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jim's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Jim! Eighty one years can you believe it?
We are still getting over Boxing Day but have at last got the house straight and all the dishes washed and away. Now is when I would like a dish washer but for the rest of the time Art and I can handle washing a couple of plates.
It was lovely having everyone here. We have some of the most beautiful granddaughters.
I gave the pavlova to the Johnsons, next door, as it was for 20 and Art and I would have had trouble wading through it.
I still have a cooler bag and a lovely Pyrex pie dish that someone is missing. I will ask on Facebook to whom these things belong:)

Some shots from Boxing Day which ended with a storm. The corellas new it was coming ,there were dozens of them flying around and they were squawking like mad.
I think everyone got home before it really hit.
Bye for now, Jane

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