Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23 2010

Well that old guy in the red suit is almost on his way. I am so relaxed I am a bit worried:) Have I forgotten something.?
I am so pleased Pam has had a minute to check out my blog, although I have been a bit slack lately with postings. In my defence though, I have written 12,000 plus words on my autobiography thingy. so I am pleased about that. God the woman can talk, I hear you say!
I have finished porcelain art for the year and should be able to concentrate on some birthday cards. I have already made two-one for Alannah and one for Daniel. So that is December and January taken care of, next up is Emma-February girl, then Rachel May baby. They are both 21 in 2011 so these cards will have to be special. I am not sure if Emma is still a practicing Jehovah's Witness but I think a 21st deserves some recognition.
Getting back to th porcelain art, I will publish photos of my latest pieces. These were supposed to be finished for the Springwood Exhibition but they (or I even) took too long to complete.

I love the way the two little vase, properly placed, the design looks like a bow.
Time for a cup of tea I think, but before I go I must download one more photograph:)
Isn't it beautiful?

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