Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have achieved nothing today. I did water the tomatoes and the potatoes and I have checked my e-mails and that is about it. Can't seem to get going at all. I have watched a bit of Davis Cup and then the Qld rain fell and stopped that so maybe I will go to the craft room and see what I can make a mess of. I fully intended to do some Porcelain painting today using my arm rest but I think that will have to wait until Monday now. We are going to watch Alannah and Tayla dance tomorrow. Art and I went to Springwood yesterday to the Exhibition so I post some photos before I sign out.
 These are my 'girls' as hung by the gallery. They took up a whole wall.
 The blue vase below is one of mine too.

< this one!
 These beautiful pieces are Dianna Woolley.


 These are works by Joan Lamb and are truly lovely-she made the shapes as well.
These lovely pieces are by my teacher Fay Green.

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