Monday, September 6, 2010

Fathers'Day 2010

Here we are celebrating Fathers Day at Yum Cha. That is my Arthur being a Dad then me with one of our 8 granddaughters Alannah and then, not a very good shot as they were against the light, Rachel and Georgia.
The Fish markets was packed to the gills-so to speak-but we had a lovely day. A couple of us got lost on the way there and Rachel swears she will never go back because she got lost big time. But no bigger than me. I thought I had it all figured out as Stuart had taken me there on Mothers Day but my memory left out the most important chunk of the route:)
But again no cards done. However-Scott and Beverley brought me a lovely book of transfers from a company called Sukie(UK) and although they are for fabric I have tried them on cards and they work, so looking forward to Wednesday.
Porcelain Art tomorrow-yippee. Have given all my pieces for the Springwood Exhibition so am now less stressed about that. It opens soon, cannot believe it has already come around.
But next couple of weeks it is time for the Gazette again-thank goodness there are only 6 a year..

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georgia said...

that is a horrible photo of me nanna! wish i could have stayed longer xxxxx