Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Showers!

Look at that sky! We have been having a lot of those and some heavy rain lately.

 Matilda Jane Gray My cousin Heather sent these two photos to me for my birthday. Love them.

 One of today's cards.
 My Poppy vase.

WIP my tile. A long way to go with this tile but I am documenting it this time which is fun.
No class until the 29th so I have pleanty of time to clean my brushes and maybe mix some paints and clean my tiles. My working tiles that is...
I am really looking forward to the finished tile as there are a lot of other techniques before it is finished. The tassel will be metallic grounded and then painted into hopefully. Stripes around the edge are to be painted and inside-where the green tape is, has to be yet another technique and then there is gold and painting into the gold, jewels at the bottom. So keep tuned.

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