Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been trying to make at least one card a day-so far not too bad. Does anyone else have trouble creating things in colours they don't normally like that much? I am hopeless and when it is finished I think Yuk.
Years ago my daughters and I were thinking of opening a business-girls pretty white dresses-and we were told that 80% of what we would sell would be things we wouldn't like. I found that very offputting. So challenge yourself -choose colours that do not appeal and see what you come with.
Called on Elaine(my sister-in-law) on Saturday and she was a bit more calm I have to say. I think she is coming to terms with her situation but it must be very difficult. If one has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home I think that would be altogether different than being in there and the full quid.(have all your faculties)
Anyway I am going to upload some photos and then try and head to the craft room to tidy up -or something...

These beautiful tomatoes just grew all by themselves in our front yard and there isn't a blemish on them while the ones in the backyard are looked after but a little flawed:) I have been looking at some great sites recently. Papertey is one of them. Their dies look brilliant but the cost of postage is prohibitive so will need to locate an Aussie site.
This is another great site:

Andrea Walford
Creative Director/Owner
Sunny Stampin' Inc
Paper Crafter's Library

Must fly time to make lunch now-craft room later-do you think I am procrastinating...:)

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