Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Gosh it is a month since I have had a minute to do any writing. I cannot believe that.
My brother has gone into a nursing home and I haven't even had a minute to visit him yet. He has reached this point so quickly it is really very distressing.
His wife has done a marvellous job with him and I have no idea how she has managed.
During this time she was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer and then to add insult to injury she broke her collar bone! So with chemo and radio therapy and Bob's dementia the poor love has been run off her feet.
I have fixed the little butterfly dishes and will log the better photo-it wasn't those dishes that had the crack it was the large vase-I will also post a photo of where I am with that. What I did with the butterflies-I painted over the butterflies with dresden base for raised gold then painted them gold again and they look so much better. I need a lot more practice with the underlay gold thingy me thinks.
I have nearly completed the blue cherry blossom vase, so I have not been idle.
We attended a wonderful wedding at the Ba'hai Temple at Ingleside on the 10th September.
Ryan, our step grand son, married his lovely Parisa. The bride danced all night until midnight! And wouldn't you know we forgot to take the wedding present. All good now because Pam called over after her return from Bali and took it to them. Thank you Pam:)
I have made a maternity smock like the ones I wore back in the 1950's-for Encore. Only have to make the buttonholes and finish the hand stitching and that is finished.
Have made some cards-not a lot-but hope to get onto that today.
It is going to be hot here today 30 odd degrees, so I will be staying indoors. I hate the heat at the best of times but when it is so soon into spring I really HATE it.

This cup and saucer I have painted at home, using a design from Herend in Hungary. They have beautiful porcelain. You should check their website. I am now working on the October issue of our Gazette and need to put my thinking cap on. Sitting at this computer too long is not good so I am going to sign out now. Thank you for your comments Nancy.

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