Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gazette due this week!

Well here I am again. I have been a bit slack lately as all the depressing things that have happened since the beginning of the year have weighed me down a little. I just could not believe the Tsunami in Japan. The photos were truly horrific and now the nuclear worry -it just doesn't improve a great deal. I was so thrilled to see that 80 year old lady and her grandson being rescued. I attended the St Marys Historical Society today to see the ladies dressed up as women from 1788 to the 1920's. They looked really good and told their stories well. Unfortunately I was seated in the middle of things and my photos are terrible. Although I am from Scotland and not St Marys I still found their stories interesting, it must be great if you are from the area.
I have to make an 1860's dress for a little girl called Skye, who attends St Marys Primary School. We(Encore) are dressing 5 children in the type of clothes they would have worn in the 1860's for their 150th school anniversary. I am looking forward to that I have to make her pantaloons too. Fay has taken a load of our china paintings to the Castle Hill Show. Some of Yuri's are absolutely beautiful so i guess she will win some prizes. Yuri is our Japanese friend at class. She had trouble contacting her brother in Tokyo but I think she has now heard from him it was difficult because there was no electricity and everyone was using their mobiles until they ran out of juice. Must have been a worry for her - and probably thousands of others..


Candy♥Candy said...

Hi, Jane. Thanks you so much for concerning about us. I really appreciate you. Right now our country is getting calm down even if people still seem to be depressed. I believe in Japanese power. We are strong, so we will be able to conquer the earthquake. I think it is kind of a good chance for us to create much more advanced stuff against strong earthquake and show our technology to the world. We never give up! So, please cheering up us!!!!

JaneH said...

Well said Yumi:)