Sunday, August 22, 2010


Let me try that again! I have no idea where I went wrong but I lost everything that I typed a short while ago. I think I hit enter??? Anyway here are a few cards which I made a while ago. I am trying to concentrate on Christmas but I have another four birthdays in September so they keep wafting in and out of my head. This first card is one that I cross stitched and I think it is so cute and old worldy. The second one I was experimenting with my Fiskars cut outs and the third one I used some lovely Japanese paper I have had since Art made sets of drawers using Washi paper. So nice that we can get Washi paper here now. The designs are lovely. I found a new Scrapbooking shop yesterday at Prospect. It is called Scraploot. Have a huge range of goods but is no closer to home that Fantasia at Norwest.
There was a really cute little boy there with his Gran and he was preparing to make a gift for a new baby. Gran was worried about the bill I think. He chose some paper which had sculls on and the shop assistant had a time convincing him to choose something a little more appropriate for a baby.
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